• Adventure of Summer Sixteen

    Adventure of Summer Sixteen

    Posted on 08/22/2016

    For a period of time, I wanted to remove the framework of my everyday life. No rules, no boundaries. I didn’t want any plans or reservations. I simply wanted to be free.

  • Thoughts on the Dad Bod

    Thoughts on the Dad Bod

    Posted on 12/06/2015

    Earlier this year, BuzzFeed released an article featuring the man, the myth, the legend, Leonardo DiCaprio. The photos accompanying the article featured Leo sporting an array of swim trunks. With the scroll of a mouse, one could see the Titanic heart throb was flaunting a less-than-perfect body.

  • A Letter to My Mom

    A Letter to My Mom

    Posted on 06/09/2015

    We all have a “rock”. A person who consistently provides unwavering stability. This individual’s love, support, and compassion offers a sense of peace and comfort. Providing support through life’s successes and failures, your rock always delivers a strong dose of honesty.

  • Five Summertime Recipes

    Five Summertime Recipes

    Posted on 04/14/2015

    The only thing I love more than cooking, is cooking during the summertime. Crawling out of the annual Midwestern-winter slumber, there’s something so refreshing about cooking fresh, healthy foods over the course of the spring and summer seasons.